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Give the gift of a decent home,

with just $1 a day.

What We Do

At Habitat for Humanity Singapore, we build decent homes across Asia-Pacific and

rehabilitate flats in Singapore for vulnerable families.


Building decent houses overseas


Working in partnership with families


Improving living conditions in Singapore


Restoring dignity through decent living conditions

Our Impact To Date

Habitat Singapore began operations in 2004 and has been actively engaging volunteers to work alongside us in fighting poverty housing in Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific region.


5,480 houses

built across Asia-Pacific

nursing home.png

4,036 families

served in Singapore


40,580 volunteers

fighting poverty with us

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Read about the stories of families and elderly who are empowered to build a better life for themselves

with safe and decent housing.

How Your Dollar Can Change Lives

Every dollar donated is stretched to bring decent living conditions to families, elderly and individuals most in need.

paint roller white.png


helps to buy painty supplies to brighten up a home



helps to buy a full set of cleaning supplies to upkeep a home

bed white .png


helps to buy a new single-size bed frame for a good night's sleep

anti bed bug white.png


helps to hire one-time professional pest extermination services


Volunteer & Get Involved!

Message Board

See all our latest updates, announcements & upcoming volunteering opportunities in one place.


Project HomeWorks

Every month, we set aside open sessions for individual volunteers who are interested to join us for Project HomeWorks.

Please read through the information on our registration form carefully for the next steps in confirming your participation, as well as updated safety measures. ​

Upcoming slots:

  1. 14 May (Tues), 9.30am to 1.30pm @ Circuit Road - 10 slots



We may not be able to volunteer together as a group for UnLitter Red Dot, but there is still a way for us to take action and be the solution. 

Introducing BlockWalk: our virtual volunteering opportunity to clean up your neighbourhood or favourite green space.

Join us virtually over Teams call every last Saturday of the month in our mission to clear trash island wide. Do it alone or with your kids, family and friends. All you will need is your mask, phone, plastic or garbage bags, a BBQ tong or gloves - and the courage to step forward.

Upcoming Sessions:

  1. 25 May 2024, Saturday,
    7:30am to 9:30am, Islandwide


Sew Much Love

Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, coming together to volunteer may be difficult, but that does not mean we can’t find other ways to collaborate together as a Habitat community to bring comfort and love into homes of vulnerable families.

Sew Much Love is an initiative by Habitat Singapore to co-create Agape Blankets with our supporters, for low-income families sheltering against colder seasons around the region or vulnerable seniors in Singapore feeling the strain of social isolation.

There is no purer expression of love than Agape love - selfless, all-giving & unconditional. With our Agape Blankets, we can bring warmth, comfort and hope through this practical and heartfelt gift.  

Habitat Singapore News & Updates

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