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The magic of Christmas is love. Let’s love our vulnerable elderly & low-income families with the gift of a safe #HomeThisChristmas.

The magic of Christmas is love. Let’s love our vulnerable elderly & low-income families with the gift of a safe #HomeThisChristmas.

There were many of us who thought that 2021 would finally reveal the light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel.

But with new disruptions, the year turned out to be even more challenging than ever. As we are all still braving through the pandemic, is there still cause for Christmas festivities?

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” 

- Dr Seuss

And we heartily say, “Yes!” Even in the shadow of the pandemic we’ve seen the Christmas spirit of love & community burn bright through the year with all your generous support & contributions, which helped us serve over 160 families.

This Christmas, we invite you to end the year off with the most resounding Christmas cheer by gifting someone the comfort & security of a #HomeThisChristmas.

We hope to serve 32 additional homes through this year’s campaign and we need your help to do so! Every dollar raised will empower another Singaporean to live in dignity. 

Be the hope that burns bright in adversity.

Help us give more Singaporeans the best gift of a #HomeThisChristmas

Donate now.

Every small donation has a big impact.

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Thanks to your support last year, these were some of the lives that we were able to transformed through Project HomeWorks!

We invite you to take an immersive look at your tangible impact by virtually exploring our homeowners' stories!


Click on any of the image below to be transported to our Habi-year 2021 snapshot! Meet the homeowners, see their homes and read their inspiring stories of resilience and grit. 


Forward the link ( to all your family and friends to share the impact you've made, and encourage them to mutiply it by gifting a homeowner a #HomeThisChristmas!

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#HomeThisChristmas Calendar of Events

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Christmas Town | 3 - 31 Dec

Every year we appeal for donation to ensure another homeowner has a #HomeThisChristmas!

This year, we are sending a home to you!

How To Get Started:

  1. Make a donation of $20 to get one of these lovely wooden home coin bank!
    An email will be sent to you with a link to the order form. Fill up your address so we can mail it to you or your loved one(s)

  2. Follow the attached instructions to assemble it and give it a bit of festive cheer
    Check our step-by-step online video and get creative with paint, markers, stickers, glitter... whatever your heart desires!

  3. Take a photo of it against a plain background and post it to us on our Facebook event page
    Don't forget to give it a name and watch as the Christmas town expands in front of your very eyes on our campaign page!

  4. Share and encourage
    Share the image of your house coin back to friends and family on your other social media profile or WhatsApp and encourage them to donate to our campaign!

    Remind them to give a shoutout in the comments so we know who sent them!

  5. Make giving a part of your life!
    We hope that this coin bank will also be an active reminder to make serving and giving part of your daily routine. We would like to encourage you to consider using the coin bank to regularly save up and donate to any charity.

*Only $20 & above will be counted as a participation donation, and eligible for 250% tax deduction.

This is what Christmas Town looks like now! Help us make it flourish!

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Project Homerun's Bake Sale | 15 Nov - 28 Dec

Project Homerun is an independent campus chapter of Habitat For Humanity Singapore that serve with us at Project HomeWorks. This will be their 2nd iteration of a bake sale of the classic levain-style chocolate chip cookies in exchange for your kind donations in this season of giving!

Cookies are priced:

  • 3 pieces for $15

  • 5 pieces for $22

  • 10 pieces for $40

Self-collect at Bishan or get it delivered an additional for $5

But hurry, orders will end once they have sold 250 cookies!

To order

  1. Make payment by donating to their campaign and take a screenshot of the payment completed

  2. Fill up the order form with your mailing address

  3. Email with the payment attachment

  4. Sit tight and wait for receipt of your yummy cookies on the 8 January 2022!


Sew Much Love | 15 Nov - 31 Dec

​Sew Much Love is an all-year-long initiative by Habitat Singapore as a solution to collaborate together as a Habitat community to bring comfort and love into homes of vulnerable families, despite Covid-19 restrictions.


We're inviting you to co-create Agape Blankets with us that will be gifted to vulnerable seniors & low-income families we serve in Singapore. All you need to do is design a simple drawing or message for a quilt patch and it will be sewn to create a complete blanket. 

Use tools readily available to you at home to design your own quilt patch that will be sewn into a one-of-a-kind blanket. With our Agape Blankets, we can bring warmth, comfort and hope through this practical and heartfelt gift.  

How To Get Started:

  1. Click on the button below & make a $20 donation that will go towards funding Project HomeWorks

  2. Receive our email with instructions and design template 

  3. ​Choose how your method of designing:​

    • On your phone​

    • On paper

    • On Canva

    • On Powerpoint

  4. Save or take a photo of your design​

  5. Email it to us at

  6. Your design will be transferred onto a quilt patch that will be sewn into a blanket

  7. Receive an email update from us when your blanket is completed and has reached a family or senior in need.

*Only $20 & above will be counted as a participation donation, and eligible for 250% tax deduction.

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About #HomeThisChristmas

#HomeThisChristmas is Habitat Singapore's annual year-end campaign to support our ongoing programmes on the ground for the following year. With the help of our dedicated supporters, we've managed to raised over $74,000 over the last 5 years since the campaign's launch in 2016.

Thanks to our supporters, funds from the #HomeThisChristmas campaigns have been fundamental in empowering Habitat Singapore's work to reach and serve an average of 350 homes a year under Project HomeWorks

Our Christmas campaign page is hosted on both Give Asia and

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#HomeThisChristmas is in support of

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