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our Nation's
with Habitat Singapore!

1. #ThisIsHome Photo Campaign

The saying goes - Home is where the Heart is. And it's no wonder: Home is the place we find refuge in difficult times; the place we can let our guard down and be ourselves.

This National Day season, help Habitat for Humanity Singapore advocate for the importance of home by dedicating a social media post to Singapore as our home!


2. National Day Fundraiser

As we are celebrating the independence of our tiny little dot this month, waving our red & white flags up high, and singing our favourite patriotic songs from the top of our lungs - let's not forget vulnerable homeowners living in our midst who might not have a decent home who live in.


3. BlockWalk
National Day Edition

In the spirit of National Day, let's keep our shared community spaces clean as one Singapore!

Grab your friends, family, neighbours (in no more than groups of 10 max) and join us as we set an example to others by picking up litter at our own neighbourhoods. Connect with like-minded volunteers from all over the island as we make a collective impact. See you over Zoom!


4. Project HomeWorks
National Day Edition

Project HomeWorks is Habitat for Humanity Singapore's local volunteer programme where we work with vulnerable persons and families who need help to rehabilitate their homes into a safe and sanitary state.

This National Day month, join us and make an impact in the lives of the most vulnerable living amidst us.

We are so excited to have Habitat Ambassadors Paul Foster and Carla Dunareanu join us for this very special National Day Project HomeWorks!

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