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  • Yong Teck Meng, National Director

Our Ultraman is back!

Update 27/7/2015: Mr Lim Nghee Huat has succesfully completed the Go 50 Run - covering 2500 km within the 50 days, running at 50 km daily. See full story here.

Mr. Lim Nghee Huat, our ultramarathon fundraiser is back in Singapore!

Mr. Lim completed 265 km in 64 hours 15 minutes of his Brazil 135+ run, and raised about S$50,000 for Habitat Singapore to date. It was a most challenging run, as Nghee Huat fell and had a nasty cut near his left eye, but he soldiered on bravely.

Mr. Lim will now extend the fundraising to his next project, another audacious run in support of SG50.


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