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10 Things that make your grandparents Singapore's #OGs

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Take an elderly family who has lived in the same house and amassed a collection of things from the past 30 years. De-cluttering their house during Project HomeWorks is like opening up a time capsule of a version of Singapore that people haven't seen in decades.

There's also nothing quite like uncovering these vintage finds to bridge the generation gaps between our elderly who lived & breathed the era of analog, the sandwich generation who were transitioning to digital and the millennials.

Take a step back into the past and walk down memory lane with us in this series of "10 Things that make your grandparents Singapore's #OGs"

1. Bus fare cards introduced in 1990

2. Vintage NTUC FairPrice bag with logo from the 1970s

3. Singtel's old logo from 1989 to 1992

4. The Ship Series of currency notes issued from 1984 to 1999

5. Vintage antenna for analog television sets

6. Singtel phone cards first introduced in the 1990s

7. PUB's old logo from 1976-2001

8. Vintage Philips pocket size radio

9. Queen's The Works casette tape from 1984

10. Hitachi warranty card from 1979

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