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V·Village (Virtual Village) is a way for you to transport yourself live to a Habitat house building project you support, wherever it may be in the world.

Although it has been two years since we have been unable to travel for overseas builds, we still firmly believe that we have a responsibility to fight poverty not just locally but support overseas housing needs. 

Many families have a hard time thriving at home during the pandemic. Donate and witness the house transformation here in our time lapse photo. Your donation will go a long way to ensure that more homeowners have a safe and secure place to call home.

What is


Watch Irham's house being built from start to finish

This is a time lapse photo of the current house-build in progress.

Click on the top right corner of the video to view the build in action from start to current.
A photo captured by camera every minute during daylight hours
(subjected to good weather and working conditions).

About the homeowner

Irham and his two children have been moving from place to place for as long as they can remember. Four years ago, they saved up just enough to buy a small lot of land in Kabil Village, Batam and some materials to live in permanently.

Original house condition:

  • Interior and roof made out of plywood and zinc that are starting to rot and leak when raining

  • Brick walls on the sides actually belong to the left and right neighbours


The recently widowed father of two is grateful that his 18-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son have gotten scholarships from the government to go to school. Yet, Irham’s income remains uncertain and whatever he earns is just enough to meet their daily household needs with little to no savings. 

Irham’s family is one of the many urgent cases that Habitat for Humanity Indonesia hopes to build for. Having a proper roof over their heads will enable his children to better focus on getting their education with a peace of mind and unlock Irham’s potential to save more for the family

Thank you for giving Irham’s family a hand-up and unlock their potential with a proper home!


Check out the update videos and before/after photos here!

Top: Irham's previous house

Bottom: Irham's new Habitat home