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HomeWorks Champions: Our community of volunteer leaders

Volunteers are a cornerstone of our work at Habitat. Their hands power the physical transformation of houses we serve, while their voices advocate for decent living conditions on behalf of every vulnerable person. 

At Project HomeWorks, we have volunteers who contribute at varying commitment levels: 1. as one-time volunteers, 2. as volunteer leaders we fondly call HomeWorks Champions, and 3. as Campus Chapters and Super Champions who operate almost as staff.


One-time or returning volunteers attend our Project HomeWorks sessions to carry out home rehabilitation works required on-site. Guiding these volunteers during the session will be our HomeWorks Champions and Super Champions, who have added responsibilities in helping to run and manage the session with our staff.

Why be a HomeWorks Champion

Be the heart of change

Grow in your own journey as a volunteer: use your new skills and deeper sense of compassion to be a catalyst for good in other areas of your life.

Be a guiding force

Empower our volunteers from all walks of life to come together for a common goal - to serve the community and uplift those less privileged than us.

Our HomeWorks Champion Community

Our HomeWorks Champion Community

What Makes A Good Champion or Volunteer Leader



Someone who wants to be a HomeWorks Champion should be:

  • Interested in learning about the operations of Project HomeWorks

  • Able to take on additional responsibilities to help oversee and manage volunteers, homeowners and on-site work assigned to them.

  • Willing to work closely with Habitat Singapore staff to ensure smooth and proper execution of the session.



A good HomeWorks Champion will be someone who:

  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills to lead volunteers of all ages and experience level

  • Demonstrates compassion by communicating with our homeowners in a respectful and caring manner

  • Is passionate about advocating for Habitat work's & vision through debriefings and sharing of experiences with volunteers


All HomeWorks Champions are expected to:

  • Hold their title as Champion for a year upon confirmation

  • Join and support Project HomeWorks at least once a month

HomeWorks Champion Recruitment Process


Submit your HomeWorks Champion application form.

Click here to access the form.



Successful candidates from tag-along round will be invited to attend the Champions' Training.



Interview with Project HomeWorks team. Only shortlisted candidates will move on to the next round.



Final round of assessment - candidates will need to lead one team during a Project HomeWorks session.



Shortlisted candidates will proceed to tag along for 1 Project HomeWorks session



Confirmation and official start of season as a Champion.

Meet some of our current HomeWorks Champions
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-09 at 11.04.44 AM


Champion since 2018

With her children out of secondary school, Elizabeth found herself in a new season of life. She could have gone back to work but decided to spend her time volunteering as a HomeWorks Champion instead. 

She found Habitat Singapore to be a good fit in terms of skills she could offer, especially with sorting & packing. The most rewarding part of being a Champion is "seeing the smile of the homeowners and helping to improve one area of their lives."



Champion since 2014 & Board Member since 2019

One of the strongest Habitat supporter and longest-serving Champion, Thomas' journey with Habitat Singapore started with a chance encounter. 

It was his first experience in a Project HomeWorks session that opened his eyes to the hidden problem of poor living conditions among vulnerable Singaporeans. 

Already successful in his professional career, Thomas stayed on with Habitat Singapore as a "calling" and his search to "find meaning to feel happier and more fulfilled in life."  



Champion since 2019

Growing up, Willy knew what it felt like to be vulnerable. It's this same feeling that is driving Willy to give back to vulnerable communities as a Champion.

Working in the Youth Guidance Outreach Services, Willy's set his sights on a long-term plan of eventually becoming a counsellor. 



Champion since 2016

As a Christian, Matthew believes in the need to have compassion for people - comforting the sick, clothing the poor, and sheltering those who have no place to go.


Growing up with an architect for a father, Matthew learnt very early about the importance of a home and what it means to be a family.


“I love the idea of having a recurring role, of being a Champion where I can be an individual participant, and I like the discipline of contributing monthly. To make an impact on an organisation, you need to have a regular contribution that you can make," said Matthew.

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