Community Partners: Project HomeWorks


Habitat for Humanity Singapore works regularly with local community partners like Senior Activity Centres (SACs), cluster support, Family Service Centres (FSCs), hospitals and social workers to run Project HomeWorks, our local home-cleaning programme.


To ensure that Project HomeWorks serves those who are most in need of help, Habitat Singapore only takes on cases that have been referred to us through official channels from our community partners.

*Please note that we do not provide light or regular house-keeping. 


Project HomeWorks: How It Works & Who We Serve

  • Clearing fire hazards like cardboard or paper placed near stoves & altars 

  • Discarding clutter & re-organising personal items to avoid trips & falls

  • Discarding expired food items to avoid attracting pests

  • Eliminating pest infestations through a combination of methods including professional fumigation

  • Replacing pest-infested furniture

  • General house cleaning 

  • Repainting stained walls, old doors and/or metal gates

Screening Criteria


nursing home.png

Living Situation


Social Issues

  • Elderly

  • Those with disabilities

  • Low-income families

  • Living alone or with an aged spouse/sibling/flat-mate

  • One- or two-room rental flats 

(Purchased flats on a case-by-case basis)

  • Little or no family/social support

  • Little or no financial support

Case Referrals

We only accept case referrals for Project HomeWorks from official sources: 

  • Government agencies - Ministry of Social and Family Development, Agency for Integrated Care etc.

  • Cluster support and Senior Activity Centres

  • Social workers from Family Service Centres, Social Service Offices etc.

  • Medical social workers from public hospitals, community hospitals etc.


If you're from any of these agencies and have a client you'd like to refer to us, please download & email us the completed case referral form to


Case Referral Process

Single-Unit Project HomeWorks


We can assist isolated cases in response requests for help from hospitals, AIC or MSF to help a single person or family in need, for instance a recently-discharged hospital patient whose house is not in a hygienic condition. 


Where possible, we seek your help to coordinate your organisation's referrals for cases in the same area into a Mass Project HomeWorks referral (see below. With your help, we can make more efficient use of our time & resources to serve more households across the island more effectively! 


To refer your client for our assistance:

1) Please fill out our referral form, and

2) Email it to us at
We appreciate your kind attention to include all the details requested- especially photos, to the best of your ability. This enables us to assess the profile and needs of your client more effectively and efficiently.


Mass Project HomeWorks (3 or more homes in one area):

For fellow social service organisations (SACs, FSCs, Cluster Support, Home Help, SSOs and more): Interested to partner with us to organise a mass cleaning session for the elderly and vulnerable under your care? Please email us at to discuss!



The Process


Step 1: Initial Assessment | Upon receiving your partnership request or referral

Step 2: Joint home visit | Detailed assessment of the household and their needs

Step 3: Confirm session & works | Agree on date/time and list of works. 

Step 4: D-Day | Execute the Project HomeWorks session(s)

Step 5: Post-Session | Debrief on outcome and any needed follow-up.  


This process spans across 3 to 6 weeks depending on our case load


Due to the high volume of case referrals and intense manpower/ logistics needed, we seek your understanding that priority is given to the most urgent cases first, usually those with pest infestations as that can quickly worsen over time. For less urgent cases, we may need to keep them on hold until we have more case(s) in the area to be combined into a mass Project HomeWorks session.