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About Project HomeWorks: Creating safe & sanitary homes 

Project HomeWorks is Habitat Singapore’s local volunteer programme where we work with vulnerable persons and families who need help to rehabilitate their homes into a safe and sanitary state. The programme was started in 2006, driven by Habitat's belief that no human being should live in unsafe, unhygienic or undignified environments.


Many of the vulnerable individuals we support through Project HomeWorks typically have little financial means and/or social support, as well as mobility issues that make it difficult to care for themselves, let alone their homes. 



During a Project HomeWorks session, we work with volunteers to make homes safer by decluttering items are pose a fire risk or could cause accidents like falls. Homes are also made cleaner by discarding expired food items and clearing pest-infested furniture to improve the health and well-being of our vulnerable elderly and families.

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Improving living conditions of vulnerable Singaporeans islandwide

Households Served

3,032 vulnerable elderly, persons with disabilities & low-income families across Singapore

Volunteers In Action

16,002 mobilised to improve living conditions across Singapore


Project HomeWorks: How It Works & Who We Serve

  • Clearing fire hazards like cardboard or paper placed near stoves & altars 

  • Discarding clutter & re-organising personal items to avoid trips & falls

  • Discarding expired food items to avoid attracting pests

  • Eliminating pest infestations through a combination of methods including professional fumigation

  • Replacing pest-infested furniture

  • General house cleaning 

  • Repainting stained walls, old doors and/or metal gates

Screening Criteria


Living Situation

Social Issues

  • Elderly

  • Those with disabilities

  • Low-income families

  • Living alone or with an aged spouse/sibling/flat-mate

  • One- or two-room rental flats island-wide


(Purchased flats on a case-by-case basis)

  • Little or no family/social support

  • Little or no financial support

Case Referrals

We only accept case referrals for Project HomeWorks from official sources: 

  • Government agencies - Ministry of Social and Family Development, Agency for Integrated Care etc.

  • Cluster support and Senior Activity Centres

  • Social workers from Family Service Centres, Social Service Offices etc.

  • Medical social workers from public hospitals, community hospitals etc.




If you are a social worker from any of these agencies and have a client you'd like to refer to us, please visit our Community Partners page for more details on the referral process. You can also download the referral form at the link below & email us the completed form to

Every dollar you donate will bring decent living conditions to Singaporeans most in need.


helps to buy painting supplies to brighten up a home


helps to buy a full set of cleaning supplies to upkeep a home


helps to buy a new single-szie bed frame for a good night's sleep


helps to hire one-time professional pest extermination services


Join us as a Project HomeWorks Volunteer!

What to expect:

Every session

  • Project HomeWorks sessions typically start at 9am and ends approximately at 1-2pm. Session durations may vary. 

  • Minimum age for volunteers is 15 years old on the date of the session.

  • Volunteers will typically be split into working teams of 4 to 8 people per house. 

  • Habitat staff will conduct a safety briefing at the start of each session.

  • Scope of work carried out by volunteers include:

    • Sorting, de-cluttering & disposal of items (sometimes require heavy lifting)

    • Intensive cleaning of rooms, kitchens & toilets

    • Re-painting of stained walls & doors, as well as rusty metal gates

    • Chaulking (or sealing up) gaps between walls & electrical casings to eliminate bed bug hiding spots 

    • Setting up basic furniture like metal bed frames & plastic storage boxes

What will be provided

Before each session

  • Bed bug infestations are common problems in rental estates. To protect our volunteers and effectively eliminate the infestation, Habitat Singapore will engage professional fumigation services about 2 days before a scheduled HomeWorks session. 

  • Essential supplies provided to volunteers

    • Full cleaning set

    • Full painting set

    • Gloves

    • Masks

    • Habitat Singapore volunteer t-shirt

*Note: As part of our efforts to reduce plastic waste, all volunteers should come prepared with their own water bottles and, if necessary, snacks or light bites.

Volunteer Sign Up

Corporates, Schools, Social Groups & Individuals

For Groups (Corporate / Schools / Social Groups)

  • Project HomeWorks sessions need to be booked at least 4-5 months in advance for groups.

  • Maximum team size we can accomodate each session is 50 pax for adult teams & 30 pax for youth teams.

  • Email us at to request for available dates. In your email, please include details like your name, your organisation/school, group size and preferred date range.


For Individuals

  • We welcome individual volunteers as much as we can with open sessions every month. Dates are publicised the month before. 

  • For open sessions, dates and locations are set by Habitat Singapore based on the need on the ground.

  • Visit our Volunteer Message Board to see upcoming open sessions. Stay updated by subscribing to our mailing list or following us on Facebook & Instagram.

Upcoming Project HomeWorks Sessions for Individual Volunteers

Important Notice on Project HomeWorks


To all our supporters, please be informed that Project HomeWorks sessions will be temporarily restricted to staff only. Following precautionary measures outlined by the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF), we hope to keep our vulnerable homeowners safe by limiting their exposure to external groups, including volunteers. 


We will continue to serve urgent cases, with efforts powered by our dedicated team of Project HomeWorks staff. We thank you for your constant support and look forward to working alongside you soon. 

Community Partners for Project HomeWorks
Corporate Supporters
School Supporters

Everyone deserves a decent place to call home.

Habitat for Humanity Singapore is part of an international housing charity dedicated to eradicating poverty housing worldwide. Convicted that safe and affordable housing provides a path out of poverty, we have been working alongside low-income communities to increase their access to improved living conditions.

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