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UnLitter Red Dot

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Volunteer locally with Habitat Singapore

About UnLitter Red Dot: Clean and healthy living environments beyond the home 

Launched in 2016, UnLitter Red Dot is an extension of Habitat's mission to bring clean and safe living environments in the home and beyond. Our community clean-up programme was created to nurture a culture and society that is more civic-minded and considerate.

Littering continues to be a perennial issue year after year. Singapore's dream is to be a clean garden city but we have earned a reputation of being a "cleaned" city, relying on an army of cleaners. 


Despite having fines in place, our community spaces like void decks, playgrounds and car parks are constantly littered with tissue paper, cigarette stubs, food packaging, plastic bottle and more. We believe it is possible to plant the seed of change and  society that takes ownership of its surroundings beyond the immediate home.  

By volunteering in UnLitter, we seek to start new conversations with volunteers about what it means to care for one’s living space beyond the four corners of our homes. We want to groom a generation of compassionate citizens to step out and be the champions for change. 



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56,000 cleaners

help to clean up after our population of five million in Singapore.

In Taipei, there are only 

5,000 cleaners

for their population of three million

“Tolerate litter and you'll tolerate anything.”

— Millard Fuller, late Founder of Habitat for Humanity

UnLitter Red Dot was partly inspired by Millard Fuller, our late founder, who believed that litter represented the worst of the community. The enigmatic leader was known to take ages to get from one place to another as he would stoop to pick up litter while he was walking.

Join us as an UnLitter Red Dot Volunteer!


What to expect:

Every session

  • UnLitter Red Dot sessions typically last for 2 hours. Within the 2 hours, volunteers will go through the following:

    • Safety briefing

    • Distribution of litter-picking supplies

    • Actual litter-picking activity

    • Weighing of trash collected

    • Volunteer group photo

    • De-brief

  • UnLitter Red Dot is a family-and-children friendly volunteering programme. We welcome children as young as kindergartners, accompanied by teachers or parents.

  • UnLitter Red Dot focuses on residential estates, especially rental flat neighbourhoods that need more help.

What will be provided

Before each session

  • Habitat Singapore carries out the necessary planning and ​​coordination with various Town Councils to identify littering hot spots in estates and suspend cleaning shifts where possible.

  • Essential supplies provided to volunteers

    • Litter-picking tongs

    • Gloves

    • Wet wipes

    • Mosquite repellent 

    • Extra trash bags (only when necessary)

*Note: As part of our efforts to reduce plastic waste, all volunteers should come prepared with their own water bottles and plastic bags from home.

Volunteer Sign Up

Corporates, Schools & Social Groups

For Groups (Corporate / Schools / Social Groups)

  • UnLitter Red Dot sessions need to be booked 2 weeks in advance.

  • Maximum team size we can accommodate each session is 100 pax.

  • Email us at to request for available dates. In your email, please include details like your name, your organisation/school, group size, preferred date range and preferred location.


*Note: You can request for a neighbourhood that is convenient to your office or school.

For Individuals or Small Groups of less than 20

  • Do your own session! Pick a location and a time and take photos of your experience as evidence that you have done your part!

  • Email us at for further queries.

Introducing BlockWalk: Virtual UnLitter Red Dot

We may not be able to volunteer together as a group for UnLitter Red Dot, but there is still a way for us to take action and be the solution. 

Introducing BlockWalk: our virtual volunteering opportunity to clean up your neighbourhood or favourite green space. 

Imagine if all 5 million of us living in Singapore picked up one piece of trash we see every day. The solution to having a home that is litter-free beyond your own house is really as simple as that. 

Join us virtually over Zoom every last Saturday of the month in our mission to clear trash islandwide. Do it alone or with your kids, family and friends. All you will need is your mask, phone, plastic or garbage bags, a BBQ tong or gloves - and the courage to step forward.

Unsure about how this works? Please refer to the FAQ section here.

Please read through the information on our registration form carefully for the next steps in confirming your participation, as well as updated safety measures.

Upcoming Volunteering Session


28 May 2022, Saturday, 10am-11.30am (Big BlockWalk)

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UnLitter Red Dot Corporate & School volunteers
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