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  Cycle Out Poverty 2020  

Join our virtual ride in support of vulnerable families.

  17-25 October | Registration has closed  

  Cycle Out Poverty 2020: Virtual Edition  

Final Tally:


38 Cyclists

More than 25,000KM clocked

Helping Hand 2.png

Over $24,000 fundraised

to build homes

At Cycle Out Poverty (COP), we cycle to put roofs over the heads of families without proper homes. Every edition, Habitat Singapore joins forces with avid cyclists who are passionate about using their cycling prowess for a good cause. 

Over the last 3 editions, Cycle Out Poverty has rallied 650 cyclists and raised over $133,000 to bring decent homes and long-term stability to vulnerable families in Singapore & across the Asia-Pacific region.

The launch of Cycle Out Poverty 2020 on October 17 is in conjunction with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.  

It is a day to recognise the various interrelated and mutually reinforcing factors that perpetuate poverty such as unsafe housing, lack of nutritious food and limited access to health care.

The current health and economic crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic have made access to a safe home more important than ever. And you can help to be an advocate for vulnerable families in need of a helping hand.

  Highlights from Cycle Out Poverty 2020 


  The Cause  

Habitat has been building homes for families in need since 1976. Our mission to eliminate poverty housing worldwide starts with the belief that a decent home can break the cycle of poverty for families. Providing essential shelter means families can focus on employment, education and building long-term stability for their future.

A key community heavily reliant on Singapore volunteers is Kabil Village in Batam. While we have sent volunteers and funding to many countries across Asia Pacific, Singapore has consistently focused on uplifting a community in Batam who live just over an hour away from our shores.


Since 2004, volunteer teams from Singapore have visited Kabil Village in Batam to build 957 homes for families in need there. However, the current pandemic has made it impossible for volunteers to travel and many families have remained on the waitlist for a safe place to call home.

We are hopeful that together with you, we can raise the funds needed so that these families can work with locally hired skilled labourers to build safe and decent homes to shelter from the pandemic as soon as possible.

  A Family's Story  

Zulfikar (3).jpg


"Previously, I could only dream of trying to have a house like this but could not make it happen. Now that I have this house, I can finally think about my future plans," said Mr Faozan.

After moving in to their completed Habitat home, Mr Faozan used his skills as a construction labourer to further beautify his home with paint & a plastic mat to soften the floors for his children. “Having three children now makes me even more eager to earn money, because my children are priceless," said Mr Faozan.

  Pledge to be a (Cycle Out) Poverty Fighter  

Registration has closed

  Getting started for COP 2020  

Step 1: Choose your Challenge Category


Competitive Ride


To qualify for the Finisher Medal:

  • Cyclists must be at least 18 years old

  • Complete 88km distance accumulated between 17- 25 Oct

  • Hit a $500 fundraising goal 

The cyclist with the best overall timing will be awarded an additional Lightning Speed Medal.

Cycle Out Poverty Fighter Finisher Medal

Lightning Speed Medal (Best Timing)

Habitat Home Builder (Top Fundraiser)

Leisure Ride


To qualify for the Finisher Medal:

  • Cyclists must be at least 13 years old

  • Complete 33km distance accumulated between 17- 25 Oct

  • Hit a $500 fundraising goal 

Cycle Out Poverty Fighter Finisher Medal

Habitat Home Builder (Top Fundraiser)

Kids Ride


To qualify for the Finisher Medal:

  • Cyclists must be between 2-12 years old

  • Complete 11km distance accumulated between 17- 25 Oct

  • Hit a $100 fundraising goal 

Cycle Out Poverty Fighter Finisher Medal

Habitat Home Builder (Top Fundraiser)

Step 2: Join our COP 2020 event page

We have simplified the registration for Cycle Out Poverty 2020: All you need to do is join our COP 2020 event page!

As part of our collective effort on International Day of Eradication of Poverty, cyclists will be helping vulnerable families build their forever home in Batam.


Fundraising targets of $500 for the Competitive and Leisure ride categories have been set based on the cost of 2,500 bricks needed for each house. The $100 fundraising target for the Kids category is the cost of a toilet door! Top fundraisers in each ride category will be recognised with an additional Habitat Home Builder Medal.


Start your registration!

  1. Click on any "Register for COP 2020" button on this page

  2. Select 'Fundraise for this event'

  3. Log in or create your account 

  4. Create a campaign name in the following format: [Full Name], COP 2020 [Ride category] 

  5. Upload a photo of yourself & write a short campaign story on why you're joining COP 2020

  6. Look out for our "Complete your registration" email in your inbox after your campaign has been created.

Registrations for COP 2020 are considered confirmed and complete when:

1. Your campaign page is published and live

2. You've completed the form in our "Complete your registration" email. 

Full instructions to set up your campaign page and important information to include in our step-by-step guide. 

Step 3: Share your progress

Cycle any time and anywhere! Joining Cycle Out Poverty 2020 is easier than ever.


All you need to do is share every cycling milestone with us and your supporters on your campaign page's "Update" tab and on social media!  

*Post a screenshot of your tracking app with the following details:

  • Date of cycling activity

  • Distance & timing 

  • Route (optional)

Be a part of the community and share photos of your cycling adventures with us on social media! Photos from you will be crowdsourced and featured on our Habitat Singapore Cycle Out Poverty 2020 Photo Album. 


Tag us on Facebook and Instagram with the #cycleoutpovery2020 hashtag! Don't forget to set your accounts to public for us to celebrate every milestone with you. 

*Screenshots are required to help us verify the cycling activities of all participants for COP 2020.

Cyclists already on the Strava app are welcome to join our COP 2020 Community Club:

  Sign up to be a (Cycle Out) Poverty Fighter!  

Registration has closed

  Highlights from COP 2018  

Cycle Out Poverty 2018 was the 3rd and very special edition. We took COP overseas for the very first time, to the scenic Barelang Bridges in Batam.


Cyclists enjoyed a different side of Batam as they rode through the scenic Barelang Bridges - a chain of 6 bridges connecting the islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang, Riau Islands.


This special Batam edition of COP also included a trip to Kabil Village in Batam for the very first time. Cyclists got to visit a Habitat house up close, meet the families Habitat has partnered and plant trees to help rejuvenate the village.

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