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Carousell-ing for a good cause

Trying to think of creative ways to fundraise for your favourite charity? Habitat Singapore has been blessed with strong supporters who have found unique ways to not only raise funds but also advocate for our mission & work on the ground. In our latest edition of our newsletter, we sat down with Jessica Khoo to learn more about how she turns her pre-loved items into cash for Habitat Singapore.

An Interview with Jessica Khoo

You do such excellent service. What motivated you? When did you start?

I started volunteering way back during my school days and became more actively involved since 2004. I used to be a shy and quiet person, and volunteering provides me with the opportunity to meet people and make new friends and at the same time giving back to the community in a meaningful way. By meaningful, I mean doing more than just cutting cheques to charities. I am thankful to be able to contribute and make a difference in the lives of the many families, children and elderly that I’ve come into contact with through the years.

What you do on Carousell? Where do you get the items? What types of things do you sell?

I was first introduced to Carousell by a colleague in May 2018 as I was looking for a way to “de-clutter” my store of unwanted items. Most of the things were gifted to me by friends/colleagues but I had yet to use them. So, instead of having them lying around in the store, I decided to put them up for sale on Carousell so that others who may have use for them could get the items at a discount from me. The items which are currently listed on my Carousell site are all brand new and range from children’s storybooks, games, Polaroid camera, sports and game equipment, plushie, backpacks, mug, kitchenware and a Pandora bracelet.

Where do the proceeds go?

All proceeds from my Carousell sales have been donated to Habitat for Humanity Singapore (a local charity which I have supported) since 2014. I have participated in Habitat for Humanity Project Homeworks where we helped clean up and de-clutter the homes of the elderly, sick and physically challenged living in one or two-room rental flats all over Singapore. Separately, on a yearly basis, I have led teams of volunteers to participate in Habitat Singapore's Batam Build projects where we helped low-income families construct new homes and contribute to Habitat’s effort to eliminate substandard housing in Indonesia.

How much have you raised? Do you have a goal or amount you'd like to raise?

In 2019, I am planning to lead a team of volunteers to participate in the Habitat Sawadee Build in Chiang Mai, Thailand in April. My target this year is S$13,000 of which S$8,000 has already been achieved through donations by friends and colleagues. From my Carousell sales, so far I have raised close to S$550 since I joined the site in May 2018.

What is your site's name or link?

You may find my profile and listings on


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