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A Brush with Kindness - Meet our House IC Wee Jin!

It's been a month since A Brush with Kindness but we're still inspired by the outpour of love and generosity showcased during the event. This is specially exemplified through our House ICs who led the (painting) charge on event day and guided our volunteers with their experienced hands and patience.

In this last micro-series on A Brush with Kindness, come learn more about our amazing House ICs and their volunteering experience championing for safe and healthy homes!

Meet 54 year old Wee Jin, who beyond being a house IC for A Brush with Kindness, is also our regular Project HomeWorks Champion! When not volunteering with Habitat Singapore, Wee Jin indirectly impacts the young in a school. When asked how his friends would describe him in 3 words, Wee Jin said, "Approachable, Helpful, Funny".

Q: Many causes out there. Why Habitat? Why did you decide to sign up as a House IC for A Brush with Kindness?

I strongly believe in Habitat's vision whereby we want to see `A world where everyone has a decent place to live'. Even though in Singapore, houses are built by the government, there are many who do not have a decent living condition to live in due to whatever reasons.

Therefore, signing up with Habitat and as a House IC for A Brush with Kindness was a natural thing for me to do. My simple hope was to bring a smile to the residents telling them that we cared enough about their living conditions, and we can help them in making their house nicer through the event.

Q: What’s your role as a House IC for A Brush with Kindness?

My role as House IC was being responsible for the volunteers as well as the homeowner. In addition, I had to make sure the volunteers were adequately given their painting tasks to do as well as making sure that they take rest and be safe. For the homeowner, I was also wary about how she was feeling and making sure that whatever painting we do, we respect her home and that we try not to inconvenience her in any way.

Q: How has your experience as a House IC been?

It was a meaningful experience being a House IC as I got to lead my team of volunteers by helping them find purpose in volunteering as well as making sure that the painting tasks given to us were adequately being done. In addition, I had to also take the lead in engaging our homeowner and this has been meaningful as the conversations helped us to understand the background of our homeowner.

Q: Biggest takeaway as House IC for A Brush with Kindness?

Seeing the happy faces of our homeowner and her thanking us for taking time to paint her house and spending time with her.

Q: Any interesting stories to share with us during your session?

Our beneficiary's neighbour came over to engage us. He was a former painter and he gave us tips on how to paint! And he remarked, "Actually I one person can do everything!"

Q: Any insights you would like to share?

There are many people out there who need our help. It does not take much for us to be a Blessing to them through physical work benefitting their living conditions but more importantly, the simple human touch of being present and bringing a joy to them through conversations.


Thank you Wee Jin for being so passionate about serving the needs of our vulnerable homeowners and for running alongside us to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

If you would like to support the Habitat cause and be the reason why someone in-need can have a refreshed home to live in, we invite you to be our monthly donor and power Project HomeWorks and other programmes here at !


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