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#AskHabitat: We answer your burning questions!

#AskHabitat is our new weekly initiative where we answer all your burning questions in our Telegram group. If you’re not already a subscriber there – what are you waiting for? Join us to stay up to date with all our happenings, and to receive extra nuggets about what we do here at Habitat Singapore.

Fret not if you’ve missed the last few #AskHabitat questions. We’ll be doing a monthly compilation of questions to satiate curious minds, and this is the first installation.

Have a question about Habitat Singapore which you’ve always wanted to find out? Come chat with a Habitat staff here!

1. Will Habitat Singapore be helping homeowners who have not been vaccinated?

We believe that everyone (vaccinated or not) deserves a safe and clean place to call home. Many of the cases that get referred to us are unable to get the vaccine due to their health conditions. While we encourage homeowners who are able to get vaccinated to do so, we are still dedicated to serving both vaccinated and unvaccinated homeowners.

Abiding by the government guidelines, we only accommodate 2 volunteers at a time for unvaccinated households which means that more sessions would be required to tackle cases where the homeowner is unvaccinated.

2. Why do I have to pay to participate in a volunteering activity with Habitat?

A lot goes on beforehand to make a volunteer session a success. This includes not only the purchase of required materials such as paint or furniture to replace bedbug-infested ones, but also time required for Habitat staff to work with social workers and town council to ensure that the work that we do is effective in the long haul. Participation fee only alleviates a portion of these costs.

As a nonprofit organisation that is not primarily reliant on government funding, we rely heavily on our volunteers who are also donors alike to keep the light on.

3. When can I volunteer again for Project HomeWorks?

We are in the midst of fine tuning our safety measures to meet the current COVID-19 guidelines and hope that we can open public volunteering slots for Project HomeWorks soon!

In the meantime, we have our other ongoing volunteering programmes such as our Monthly BlockWalk and Sew Much Love initiative that can be done digitally!

To stay up-to-date with all our available volunteering initiatives do consider subscribing to our Monthly Newsletter.

4. Aside from volunteering, how else can I help?

There are plenty of other ways you can help. You can support or even create your own fundraising campaign on our online giving platforms ( / Even sharing our social media posts to your friends and family can go a long way in helping us getting the word out.

Have an idea? Tell us at We are always open to exploring possible collaborations.


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