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#AskHabitat: We answer your burning questions!

#AskHabitat is our weekly Telegram initiative where we answer all your burning questions! In the past month, we addressed why we champion housing, how our operations have been affected by the pandemic, and furniture donation. Join our Telegram channel to receive the latest updates and tidbits on the work we do!

1. Why does Habitat for Humanity focus on housing?

We believe housing is central to ending the cycle of poverty and it can play a key role in positively influencing a family's education, employment as well as health.

A Habitat home is also a stabilizing force for a family. A sanitary, safe and habitable place to call home gives our homeowners peace of mind to enjoy their lives worry-free.

2. How are we currently supporting overseas builds?

While overseas build trips such as Global Village and Batam Build has been suspended since early 2020, domestic builds are still happening in the respective countries where there is a local Habitat for Humanity office.

We are extremely grateful for corporate partners like Bloomberg and P&G who believe in our mission and continue to support our Batam programme. Our corporate partners have funded a range of initiatives from home building projects to clean water connections and hygiene kit distribution in Batam.

Fun fact: these home sponsorships also secure the livelihoods of the villagers employed by Habitat as construction staff!

3. How has the latest COVID-19 regulations affected Habitat’s volunteering sessions?

From 27 September to 24 October 2021, all sessions will be served by only 2 volunteers per household and focusing only on the urgent cases.

Due to limited pax, the rehabilitation of one house would mean that more sessions will be needed in order to cater to one house (about 3-4 times more sessions).

Additionally we will not be serving homeowners that have not been vaccinated in order to reduce the risk of them contracting the virus at this time.

If you're in a position to help, please bolster our efforts on the ground with a donation. Every dollar helps a vulnerable senior or family stay home and saves lives.

Donate now at:

4. Can I donate my furniture to Habitat Singapore?

We are truly touched by the giving spirit that many callers have to donate their furniture items but unfortunately we do not accept these items.

Our homeowners receive firsthand furniture which we bulk buy at a discounted rate from the vendors who hold stock for us till we need them.

If you still wish to donate your furniture do check out local initiatives such as: ShareLeh, giftforgood and Passiton.


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