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Supporter Spotlight: Mani Avvaru

In commemoration of International Volunteer Day, we are excited to share with you the inspiring stories of some of our Habitat volunteers this week!

In our second feature, meet one of our amazing Project HomeWorks Champions, Mani! Our Project HomeWorks Champions are our specific team of regular volunteers that help us run and guide volunteers on a regular basis.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they really stepped up to serve multiple sessions for each homeowner to ensure they had a safer and more conducive space to live in.

Mani was no exception! In 2021 alone so far, Mani has been involved in 16 sessions – what an amazing gesture of loving support to our homeowners.

Mani has been involved with Habitat's work overseas for a while, but only recently learnt about our local Project HomeWorks. The decision to join was an easy decision for Mani as he wanted to contribute to the local community too. After realising he loved the work and gained a lot of satisfaction in partnering homeowners to transform their home, he decided to become a HomeWorks Champion.

Describing it as a “remarkable” and “life-changing” experience, Mani shared that every session was memorable in its own way, and he always learns something new each time.

“It’s a great learning experience from everyone involved. I didn’t know how to do a lot of the things which I am now able to do myself, like painting, caulking, fixing doors etc. I am proud of myself that I learnt all this.”

Why volunteer? When asked this, Mani has some wise words to say:

“[Volunteering] makes you humbler and [helps us] appreciate our own life more, after we see how people, either live in their loneliness at old age, endure hardships while young and many more.”

Inspired by Mani to do-good? Come sign up for Project HomeWorks when monthly slots open, or for our monthly BlockWalk!

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