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  • Yong Teck Meng, National Director

Transformative grace which flows from the Resurrection

There are many festivals and special dates of commemorations on the calendar of the church, with some churches placing great emphasis on some particular ones. Christmas for example, is considered most important and is indeed celebrated universally across the world. However, the most important date in terms of significance should be Easter, for it is on this day that the salvation plan of God was completed with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This even is pivotal in the Christian faith, as emphasized by people like the apostle Paul. It also was pivotal in the lives of many people then and now. Back then, the followers of Jesus Christ were all afraid and scattered when He was arrested, tried, and then crucified, dying a horrifying death. Only the apostle John was at the crucifixion site because the rest were all too afraid.

However, the fact of the resurrection transformed all the apostles completely. From being cowardly followers, they all became fierce evangelists, and traditions indicate that each of them died a terrible martyr's death. Having witnessed the resurrected Jesus Christ, the apostles had no doubt left whatsoever about the rightness of their cause.

In Habitat for Humanity, our work is based also on the fact of transformation for the families and communities we work in. Working with volunteers, donors, and people from all walks of life, we are privileged to be able to make a real change in the lives of the people we help. Houses are built, homes are cleaned, the environment protected, the people loved. Such facts of transformation continue to encourage and inspire us and more people to join our movement.

May this Easter bring to you the realization that true transformation is achievable. Let us join hands together and transform the world with the grace that flows from the fact of the resurrection.


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