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Uplift and Empower

We met our very own self-proclaimed “celebrity” homeowner, 56-year-old Mr Goh, last month.

To which we say:

If Mr Goh has a million fans, we are one of them. If Mr Goh has ten fans, we are one of them. If Mr Goh has only one fan, that is us. If the world is against Mr Goh, we are against the world!

That’s definitely a social media trend we think Mr Goh can get behind.

After all, he was truly such a dynamic being with a larger-than-life soul, taking no delay in displaying his dancing skills, Karate chops and fashion choices to us.

Akin to a show-and-tell session as we decluttered and cleaned his 1-room rental flat, delving into Mr Goh’s interesting stories made the session all the more exciting.

Mr Goh and his favourite pose.

Tenacious in not just his hobbies, Mr Goh started working since the tender age of 10 when he helped with his parents’ food business. He prepared century eggs (not for the faint hearted!) while his mom cooked beef noodles. He recalled those days fondly – it was where he found his love for cooking!

He eventually started his own durian business and even did technician work on the side. Staying busy enlivened Mr Goh, who described himself as someone unable to sit still.

Unfortunately, as years passed, not only did health issues rob Mr Goh of the opportunity to work like he wanted to, it also affected his ability to upkeep the condition of his home due to extreme tiredness caused by medication.

The only source of social support Mr Goh received was from his elder brother who lives nearby. However, his brother has limited mobility and was unable to support Mr Goh with housing matters too.

Most times, our homeowners are more than willing to pour their best effort into rehabilitating their home. But bodily limitations alongside worsening home conditions can be overwhelming.

When Habitat Singapore steps in, we hope to provide that crucial uplifting opportunity which will empower them to take charge of their life once more, without the burden of a stressful and unhealthy home environment.

As such, we were encouraged to see Mr Goh participate actively during the Project HomeWorks session! After our intervention, he will continue to receive support from the Family Service Centre through casework, counselling, and regular home visits.

Beyond Mr Goh’s exuberant facade lies bittersweet longing for reconciliation with his estranged son.

“He is around 30 years old now. My son is very handsome… Just like me when I was younger!”

May a restored home be the beginning to fulfilling your life’s hopes, Mr Goh.

We are so thankful to the awesome volunteers from BuildBuilt who dove right into the decluttering and cleaning of Mr Goh’s house! Your efforts truly made a difference in Mr Goh’s life.

With his blue shirt, Mr Goh looked like part of the team!

If you’re looking to broaden your corporate impact and make a long-term, sustainable difference in the lives of low-income homeowners with housing needs, you’ll be glad to hear we welcome corporate groups to Project HomeWorks all year round!

Interested groups can email us at


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