Support In Other Ways

From skilled to event-specific volunteering, supporting Habitat in your own way never been easier.

At Habitat Singapore, we believe that this world has been entrusted to us. It is in our hands to do what we can to help those in need, with the skills or talents that we have been blessed with. 

Change starts with you, and the people who want to support you. When you become the catalyst to serve, you can engage your family, friends and colleagues to be involved in Habitat's work alongside you.

Together, we have the ability to effect great change in the lives of families in need of decent housing.

Ways To Serve: Use your expertise for a good cause


HomeWorks Champions: Loved your experience with Project HomeWorks? Be part of a special group of volunteers we call our HomeWorks Champions who help out with sessions every month. Learn more when you sign up here!


Global Village Team Leaders: Choose your dates & build location, and go! GV Team Leaders anchor overseas volunteering opportunities by starting an open team for their own friends/family or opening it up to other interested individual volunteers. Head over to our Global Village Team Leader page to find out more!


Habitat Singapore is always looking to partner volunteers who have a specialised skill to boost our team's capabilities. Get in touch with us if you'd like to support Habitat professionally & have the following skills:


  • Multimedia whizz: Volunteer your photography, videography and/or video-editing skills!


  • Translators: Love languages? Help us translate homeowner interviews in local dialects or any other Asian language e.g. Tamil, Thai, Cantonese, etc.


  •  Sales: If you're outspoken & have a flair for sales, join us for our advocacy or fundraising roadshows to help spread awareness about Habitat's work.


  • Creative work: If you have an eye for design & want to support our communications work, we're always on the look-out for freelance designers looking to give back. 


  • Tech insights: Help us level up our website with coding on Wix platform! 


  • Professional services: From PR to marketing tactics, board member recruitment and managing our donor engagement -  these are just a few examples of areas we'd like to improve on. 

Found a way you can support Habitat Singapore with your professional skills? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email at info@habitat.org.sg.


Events: Boost our manpower resources on the ground when you help out as event volunteers at Home Sweep Home or even Flag Day.


Engagements: Invite us to your company, workshops, events or places of worship to give a talk about Habitat's work & ways for people to join us.


Fundraise for Habitat Singapore

A major part of supporting Habitat includes fundraising to keep our work going. All fundraising efforts are directed to Habitat Singapore's general fund to support our local volunteering programmes, unless otherwise stated. Contributions are pooled together with gifts from other donors and distributed to meet the most urgent needs on the ground. 


Fundraising efforts can also be directed towards subsiding the cost of your own Global Village trip or support a team that is going for a trip. 


There are many ways to go about fundraising, and it can be done online or offline, or a combination of both. If you're not sure where to start, we've curated a list of fundraising ideas that have been carried out by previous supporters to help you get started!

9 Ways To Put The 'Fun' in Fundraising


Set up your Give.Asia campaign page as a shareable & transparent way to collect donations from your circle of friends & family.


Be Sporty

Leverage on high-profile sports events: run, swim, cycle, climb, trek in the name of families who need decent housing.


Lend a Hand

Exchange chores for a small fee when you help to babysit, walk a friend's dog or water their plants when they're away.


Get Crafty

Donate the proceeds from the sale of your lovingly hand-made jewelry, paintings, prints or other crafty items in support of Habitat's mission.


Party On

Organise house parties or dinner events where guests donate an "entry fee", all for a good cause.



Your old loves don't have to go to waste. Earn back some cash from a garage sale or Carousell deal as a way to fundraise.


Adopt Us

Get your school, company or place of worship to adopt us as your partner charity.



Rope in art galleries, designer boutiques & jewelry merchants to organise charity auction nights in support of Habitat's work.


Bake Sale

Let your friends & family indulge in their favourite homemade sweet treat guilt-free, because it'll be for a family in need of a hand up.

Meet Our Supporter Role Models
Thomas Lim, HomeWorks Champion

Thomas has been a HomeWorks Champion for the last 4 years, serving in at least 1 HomeWorks session every month. 

"I’ve been doing this volunteer work for the past 4.5 years. I have done more than 40 units and there’s a lot more to go. The reason why I keep up with this volunteer work is I’ve done a lot of volunteering work before but I definitely see this as (having) a much greater impact. And every homeowner deserves a decent home and most importantly, a hygienic place to live in." 

TL Sharon Cheah
Sharon Cheah, Global Village Team Leader

With 8 build experiences under her belt - half of which she led as team leader - Sharon has been one of Habitat Singapore's most active Global Village supporter.


"As a team leader, I have more freedom to go to countries I wanted to build in and work around my own schedule. Rather than waiting for the rare open teams to open up, it was easier to just get things started instead! It's been such a joy to see different team members come and work together for a common good."

Jessica Khoo.jpg
Jessica Khoo, Carousell Fundraiser

Jessica's journey with Habitat Singapore started when she first joined as a Global Village and Project HomeWorks volunteer. Since May 2018, she has raised $550 from her Carousell sales in support of Habitat's work. 


"[V]olunteering provides me with the opportunity to meet people and make new friends and at the same time giving back to the community in a meaningful way. By meaningful, I mean doing more than just cutting cheques to charities. I am thankful to be able to contribute and make a difference in the lives of the many families, children and elderly that I’ve come into contact with through the years."

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