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Building Lasting Communities

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Home Sweep Home is back for a second edition and expanding to an almost island-wide volunteering movement!


This year, we've doubled the number of service areas to six neighbourhoods spread across Singapore.

Lend a helping hand as we improve the living conditions of our vulnerable elderly & families living in rental flats, as well as rejuvenate community spaces for all residents.


a neighbourhood near your home from one of our 6 service locations


and be ready to turn your passion

into action 


between litter-picking & home-cleaning in the morning or afternoon


a social cause close to your heart at our Market4Good 


Rejuvenate our neighbourhoods with clean & healthy spaces for all residents to enjoy.

Look out for litter strewn in our common spaces and sort them into trash- or recycling-bags.

Litter-picking is open to participants of all ages. Children aged 12 and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 


Locations & Timing for AM Shift:

Bedok &Toa Payoh





Every helping hand makes a difference in giving our vulnerable elderly & low-income families a decent place to call home.


Work in teams of 2-5 to clean & paint rental flats to make rental flats clean & safe. All participants for home-cleaning must be at least 15 years old on event day. 


Locations & Timing for AM Shift:

Bedok, Chinatown, Toa Payoh

8.30am - 1pm


Locations & Timing for PM Shift:

Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Batok, Lavender

1pm - 5pm



Kreta Ayer Square @ Chinatown, 9am-2pm

On top of our regular volunteering activities, Home Sweep Home 2018 will also be hosting our very first carnival dedicated to doing good.


Treat yourself to some retail therapy at our Market4Good, while supporting a social cause close to your heart. From a DIY potpourri bar to handmade merchandise, learn about how you can encourage our home-grown social enterprises in their quest to do good through business.

We've also teamed up with independent charity Playeum to conduct a Children's Art Workshop that focuses on upcycling materials like plastic bottles and fabric for their own unique creations. Open to children from 4-12 years old!



Register for the Children's Art Workshop! 



Don't forget to also pop by our activity-filled Habitat Village! Come "build" our life-size Habitat House & learn about how you can help to fight housing poverty around the world.  If you're not afraid of some creepy crawlies, put on a VR headset & experience Project HomeWorks (our local home-cleaning programme) complete with virtual bedbugs in an exclusive tie-up with D5 Innovation.



Partnering Social Enterprises:

1. Bark-A-Tree: championing pet responsibility & animal welfare

2. E&S Blessing: championing single mothers

3. Threads of Courage: championing home-based employment & empowerment

4. Bakery Wellness: championing mental wellness

5. hello flowers!: championing women from disadvantaged backgrounds

6. Pure Juice: championing youths from disadvantaged backgrounds

7. Yufina Senohady: championing stray cats

All materials required for the workshop will be provided. Proceeds from the sale of workshop tickets will be donated to Habitat Singapore.

Registration Fee

Adult Volunteer: $25


Youth Volunteer: $10


Registration fee includes a HSH event t-shirt, water, snack pack, goodie bag & a donation towards Habitat Singapore's work. All cleaning supplies required for the volunteering activity will also be provided.

Participation Fee

Children's Art Workshop: $25


Registration fee includes art supplies & materials, as well as a donation towards Habitat Singapore's work. 

About Home Sweep Home

Home Sweep Home (HSH) is a large-scale advocacy and impact programme organised by Habitat for Humanity Singapore. The inaugural event in July 2017 rallied together volunteers from all walks of life to provide a decent home and environment to the vulnerable segments in our society. 


In just one morning, over 1,000 participants worked together to improve the living conditions of our vulnerable elderly and families staying in 1- or 2-room rental flats, as well as revitalise shared living spaces for thousands of residents.


This massive clean-up encompassed the cleaning of 120 homes in rental blocks and 378kg of litter picked up across three estates - Chai Chee, Toa Payoh and Redhill.


This year, we are bringing Home Sweep Home back to impact TWICE the number of neighbourhoods.

We are also encouraging to serve.neighbours & community organisations to join in the island-wide movement by forming their own teams and adopt a neighbourhood


Why Home Sweep Home?


At Habitat, we believe that revitalising neighbourhoods brings about many positive outcomes for residents, from improved health and safety to an overall enhanced quality of life. It also brings about cohesion in the community and allows people from different walks of life to interact and impact each other’s lives in a tangible way.


Refurbishing, rehabilitating and restoring homes, inside and out, is a big part of Habitat’s work worldwide, and especially here in Singapore. We believe that by involving the public in this work, Habitat will help residents of Singapore build caring, strong, and lasting communities.


Every helping hand makes a difference and we hope you will support our vision of a Singapore where everyone has a safe and sanitary place to call home.

Still have questions? Skip down to our FAQ!

About HSH
HSH 2017

#Throwback to HSH 2017

See our official photos from last year!
Impact Stories
Impact Stories from 2017

I'm very thankful for the participants, there's no way I can not be happy for them helping me with painting the door and other things. There are taking precious time to help me when they could me doing other things, of course I am happy."

"Ever since the passing of my husband in 1996, I have been living alone and it has been lonely. These participants come over and while helping me, we have small conversations and I tell them stories about how this area changed over the years."

– Mdm Rahmah, 68, Chai Chee Homeowner

– Mr Low Chin Hee, 66, Chai Chee Homeowner

“It was quite disturbing because I never knew there was so much trash in our community.” “Whenever we throw something away, it’s going to strike us more that somebody is going to have to pick this up. We already know that one piece of litter is equal to a lot of hard work.”

– Abella Wah, 13, Assumption English High School participant

Event T-Shirt Size Chart

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Neck Width
Sleeve Length
T-shirt Size Chart

Event Partners:


Supporting Sponsors:


Frequently Asked Questions


General Event Info


Q: Which neighbourhoods will be cleaned during Home Sweep Home?

This year, Home Sweep Home 2018 will be impacting the following 6 estates: Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bukit Batok, Chinatown, Lavender & Toa Payoh. 



Q: What are the two shifts for this year's Home Sweep Home?

Volunteers can choose if they prefer to volunteer in one of our two shifts: AM Shift or PM Shift.


The volunteering activities available for the two shifts are as follows:

  • Home-cleaning & Litter-picking AM Shift - Bedok, Chinatown, Toa Payoh 

  • Home-cleaning PM Shift - Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Batok, Lavender


Please note that there is no litter-picking PM Shift. The Market4Good will be open from 9am to 2pm in Kreta Ayer Square.


Q: Where are the reporting locations for each estate?

The reporting location are as follows:

  • Ang Mo Kio - Void Deck @ 258 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 (S)560258

  • Bedok - Void Deck @ Blk 30 Chai Chee Avenue (S)460030

  • Bukit Batok - Basketball court next to Blk 210A Bukit Batok St 21 (S)651210

  • Chinatown - Kreta Ayer Square

  • Lavender - Pavilion between Blk 7 and Blk 8 North Bridge Road (S)190008

  • Toa Payoh - Pavillion @ 62B Lorong 4 Toa Payoh (S)312062


Q: Is there a registration fee for Home Sweep Home?

Yes, volunteers participants need to pay a registration fee for our volunteering activities. For adult individual volunteers, the fee is $25 per pax. For individual youth volunteers aged 18-25, the fee is $10 per pax. If you would like to register for HSH 2018 as a corporate group or school group, please write to us at


All cleaning materials required for the volunteering activities will be provided. The registration fee will also include our event t-shirt, water, a snack pack, goodie bag and a donation to support Habitat Singapore's programmes.


 Q: Will I be refunded if the event is called off due to bad weather, etc?

No. If the event must be cancelled, there will be no refund of fees paid, as stated in the Terms & Conditions of on our online registration portal Eventbrite.


Q: Will there be an official photographer during the event?

Yes, Photography and/or videography will be taken during the event for news and publicity purposes by our official photographers and/or videographers, and may be used for print and on official online/electronic platforms.


Home Sweep Home's Market4Good


Q: What is Home Sweep Home's Market4Good about?

Home Sweep Home's Market4Good is a free-entry carnival dedicated to doing good. For those who were interested but unable to take part in our volunteering activities, we encourage you to come down to Market4Good where you'll still be able to give back to the community. 


Habitat Singapore has invited 8 social enterprises who will each be representing a social cause close to their hearts. Visit their booths to learn how you can support them in their quest to be a champion for an underprivileged community through business. Our social enterprise partners are:


1. Bark-A-Tree: championing pet responsibility & animal welfare

2. E&S Blessing: championing single mothers

3. Threads of Courage: championing home-based employment & empowerment

4. Bakery Wellness: championing mental wellness

5. hello flowers!: championing women from disadvantaged backgrounds

6. Pure Juice: championing youths from disadvantaged backgrounds

7. Yufina Senohady: championing stray cats

8. Bettr Barista: championing marginalised women and youth at risk.


Q: What is this Children's Art Workshop about?

The Market4Good Children's Art Workshop is brought to you by independent charity Playeum! They have partnered with us to conduct a workshop that focuses on upcycling materials like plastic bottles and fabric for their own unique creations. It is open to children from 4-12 years old! 


Registration fee is $25 per child or parent-child pair. All materials and tools will be provided. Parent or guardian supervision is required for children below 6 years old.


Q: What is happening at the Habitat Village?

We have also set up an activity-filled Habitat Village at Market4Good. Come "build" our life-size Habitat House or speak to our friendly staff about our volunteering opportunities. If you're not afraid of some creepy crawlies, put on a VR headset & experience our local home-cleaning programme we call Project HomeWorks (complete with bedbugs) in virtual reality in an exclusive tie-up with D5 Innovation.


Q: Do I need to bring cash for the carnival?

Yes, the social enterprises at Market4Good will be selling a range of products like fresh juice, homemade cookies and a DIY potpourri bar. Payments will be made directly to them.


Q: Will there be a lucky draw with prizes at the carnival?

Yes, there will be a lucky draw for all participants who took part in a volunteering activity or bought a ticket for the Children's Art Workshop. Stand a chance to win the top prize of 2 return tickets to Vietnam on Singapore Airlines. Runner up prizes include a free 2D1N weekend hotel staycation and dining vouchers for Fullerton Hotel.


Winners will be announced at the carnival and posted on Facebook. Habitat Singapore will get in touch with the winners directly. 


Q: How can I take part in the lucky draw?

All participants who have registered with us for a volunteering activity across all 6 estates or bought a ticket for the Children's Art Workshop will have their names entered into the lucky draw automatically. 


Event Preparation 


Q: What should I bring on event day?

Please ensure you bring your a printed or electronic copy of your registration confirmation page. For Home-cleaning volunteer participants, please also bring your NRIC/FIN/Passport/Driver's license. Avoid wearing or bringing valuable items, or keep them on you in a waist pouch/small sling bag. Please avoid bringing big bags as there may not be any place to keep them safe


Q: What should I wear on event day?

All participants are required to wear the Home Sweep Home T-shirt on event day as part of the registration process. Knee-length pants are highly recommended, for both men and women. Home-cleaning participants should wear easy slip on & off sandals, while litter-picking participants should wear covered shoes.  


Please refrain from wearing skirts, short-shorts or FBT shorts. 


Q: How should I get to the various venues?

All participants are encouraged to take public transport as much as possible. We have a special tie-up with MoBike for participants to cycle to the activity venue from home or the nearest MRT station. MoBike will be giving away a coupon worth $2 for up to 4 free 30-min rides. Look out for our event reminder email with the coupon code closer to the date!


Q: Where & what time should I report to my clean-up venue?

AM SHIFT @ Bedok & Toa Payoh

  • Home-cleaning: report at 8.30am

  • Litter-picking: report at 10am


AM SHIFT @ Chinatown

  • Home-cleaning & Litter-picking: report at 8.30am


PM SHIFT @ Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Batok & Lavender

  • Home-cleaning: report at 1pm


Reporting venues for all estates are as follows:

  • Ang Mo Kio - Void Deck @ 258 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 (S)560258

  • Bedok - Void Deck @ Blk 30 Chai Chee Avenue (S)460030

  • Bukit Batok - Basketball court next to Blk 210A Bukit Batok St 21 (S)651210

  • Chinatown - Kreta Ayer Square

  • Lavender - Pavilion between Blk 7 and Blk 8 North Bridge Road (S)190008

  • Toa Payoh - Pavillion @ 62B Lorong 4 Toa Payoh (S)312062


Q: What is going to happen on event day?

Flow of events for Home Cleaning

  1. Report @ Respective Venue

    • Participants report to registration counter to get wrist tags

  2. Preparation

    • Attend briefing

    • Split into teams

    • Collect home info & logistics

  3. Start of home-cleaning

    • Report to assigned home

    • Work begins!

  4. End cleaning

    • Report back at the registration counter

    • De-brief & dismissal

Flow of events for Litter Picking

  1. Report @ Respective Venue

    • Participants to report to registration counter to get wrist tags

  2. Preparation

    • Split into teams

    • Attend briefing

    • Collect litter-picking logistics

  3. Proceed to Clean-up Area

    • Head to assigned area

    • Work begins!

  4. End cleaning

    • Report to Command Post

    • Weigh and dispose trash bag

    • De-brief & dismissal

Event Registration


Q: Will there be a bag deposit at the reporting venue?

No, there will not be.


Q: Why do we require your NRIC/FIN for home-cleaning registration?

Your NRIC/FIN helps us to uniquely identify you in our big list of participants, in case there are two people with similar names. The wrist tags that we’ll be issuing you during registration will be tagged to your name and NRIC/FIN. The wrist tags will help us track which individual was assigned to a particular home. We need to know for safety and security reasons, in the event that the home partners lodge complaints over theft or misconduct by participants.


Q: Can my friends and I be grouped together?

We will group participants as they arrive at the registration counter. If you would like to be assigned to the same home as your friends, please arrive and register together. However, we would like to seek your understanding and flexibility if groups needs to be split up.  Our aim is to assign participants to homes where their help is most needed.


Q: What happens if I need to leave halfway through the event?

Please let us know prior to the event and email us at Do also inform our staff on the day itself during registration. This is especially important for home-cleaning participants to allow our staff to plan the manpower deployment to each house.


Q: What happens if I decide not to participate after I have registered for the event?

Participants who choose not to participate in the event may choose to withdraw. Please note that the registration is non-transferable and once the registration has been duly processed, there shall be no fee refund for those participants who eventually do not take part.


Q: Can I request to change the size of Event T-shirt after the submission and confirmation of my registration?

No. We seek your understanding that changing of sizes will not be entertained once your registration details are submitted and confirmed. However, please be assured that the size selection made based on the sizing chart we have displayed should provide you with the most accurate fitting.


During Home-Cleaning


Q: What kind of living conditions should I expect to see during the home cleaning session?

While the living conditions of each home will differ, it will be best to prepare yourself for the following: dirty living spaces, hoarding of numerous items in a small space, insects such as bed bugs or cockroaches. Do come with an open mind! Gloves and masks will be provided for volunteers.


Q: What do we do with our bags during Home Sweep Home?

Translucent white plastic bags will be provided for volunteers to store their belongings for the duration of the home cleaning. Please ensure to keep the bags within the homes to prevent theft.


Q: Am I allowed to bring valuables and/or electronic devices?

Yes. However, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage.


Q: What will I be doing?

The scope of work set out for home-cleaning is determined by what our elderly feel they require for their home. Generally, cleaning will include typical household chores like sweeping and mopping the floors, washing toilets and cleaning windows. There are also homes that have requested for their main door and main gate to be painted.


Q: I have never painted gates or done any household chores before - can I still be of help during the cleaning?

Yes! We will have a team of volunteer mentors providing guidance to team members who do not have the experience of painting gates/doors or doing household chores on-site.


We will also be providing volunteers with a simple briefing before the event to equip them with some theoretical skills beforehand.


Q: What if I am injured or unwell in the days leading to the session?

ln the event, you are strongly encouraged to seek consultation from a medical practitioner to determine if you should proceed.


Should you be injured or unwell during the event, please STOP immediately. Alert our nearest event volunteers for assistance. If they are not in sight, inform fellow participants to alert staff at the nearest command post regarding your condition. 


Q: Aunty/Uncle looks really bored sitting at one side of the home. Should we ask them to go downstairs drink kopi?

No! You should never be in a beneficiary’s home without their supervision - even if they do not mind.


You are encouraged to invite the homeowner to be involved in the work. We believe in engaging our beneficiaries in the work done to empower them, give them dignity, and encourage them to take ownership over the process of change.


Q: Aunty/Uncle don’t want to throw those dirty things, though I think they really should. Can I just throw it for them secretly?

No! What may be dirty to us could have been a treasured family heirloom, a wedding gift from ages old, or a memorabilia left behind by a loved one.


We also believe that in order for decluttering to be sustainable, homeowners should be part of the process of letting go of their belongings. Seeking the homeowner for permission to discard items can also save you from potential police reports of missing items!


Q: Aunty/Uncle keeps on insisting to give me drinks but I don’t know how to reject him after the fifth time. What should I do?

While we maintain a strict stance of not accepting monetary gifts, we believe that gifts are some ways homeowners believe they can be part of the process, or show appreciation to volunteers.


Accepting some of these simple gifts from beneficiaries can empower them to realise that they can contribute to the work in different ways, and is a way to respect and show them dignity.


Q: Aunty/Uncle and I are getting along well, and we would like to keep in touch. Can I exchange my contact details with them?

We do not encourage participants to exchange contact details with beneficiaries so as to protect both participants and beneficiaries from potential harassment. Should you wish to return and serve the beneficiary again, we encourage you to approach the respective senior activity centres for volunteering opportunities with them!


Q: Aunty/Uncle says they need some help with some issues that are not mentioned by the Work Chits or HomeOwner Profiles. What do we do?

No worries! Alert your friendly neighborhood Floor ICs and they will take note of the help needed. Meanwhile, take caution not to over-promise anything beyond what is stated so as to avoid disappointing the beneficiaries!


Q: What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain and lightning risks, home cleaning can proceed as usual since we will be under shelter indoors. Please take the necessary precaution to protect yourself from slippery surfaces.


In the event of drizzles, litter picking can continue with ponchos issued to participants for their protection. However, for the safety and well-being of all runners, the Organiser may decide to call off the litter-picking in the event of lightning risk.


During Litter-Picking


Q: Are there any materials that would be given for litter picking?

Yes, participants would be asked to share the following items in pairs for the litter picking session - a black garbage bag for general litter, a blue garbage bag for recyclables, 2 tongs for hard-to-reach areas and 2 pairs of disposable gloves. There will also be wet wipes and ponchos available for your use.


Q: Will there be someone guiding us during the litter picking session?

Yes, you will be assigned to groups with leaders who will guide you through the process and demarcated areas.


Q: Are there any areas that we are not allowed to pick at?

You will be picking litter at common areas such as the void deck, pathways, bus stops and playgrounds. For your own safety, you will not be allowed to pick litter at multi-storey carparks or anything beyond the first (ground) floor. Please do not pick up any sharp objects or attempt to remove drain grills.


Q: What items would be considered recycling?

For the purposes of this event, please use the blue recycling bag for plastic bottles only.


Q: What is the wet weather plan?

Teams will be instructed by their leaders to seek shelter in the event of heavy rain. You may continue to pick litter underneath the HDB blocks. Please listen to your team leaders for further instructions in the chance of a prolonged thunderstorm.


Q: What if I’m not feeling well at the event?

Please let your team leader know and we will be able to provide medical attention as soon as possible.

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