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  • Yong Teck Meng, National Director

Bringing out the best side of humanity in 2021

We have just entered into a brand new year with a sober feeling, certainly not seen in many people's life time.

2020 was, quoting Queen Elizabeth II, "annus horribilis" - a Latin phrase which means "horrible year". The queen said this back in 1992 when she gave a speech marking her Ruby Jubilee on the throne. She described the year as horrible because of the many scandals plaguing the royal family, including the very public quarrels between the crown prince and his wife, Princess Diana. It was horrible for her personally, but not necessarily for the rest of the world.

This time around, we can truthfully say that it was a horrible year for the entire planet. The Covid-19 pandemic could very well be the first truly global challenge, what with social media now making the entire world a true global village. While it is severe, the world had encountered other challenges that were much more devastating, including two world wars (albeit still not truly global). History has demonstrated that we can, and surely will overcome them.

For Habitat for Humanity, we too cannot possibly be exempted from the tsunami impact of Covid-19. As a global entity, together with all the Habitat entities around the world, we are huddled together to brave this storm. In Singapore, we are constantly looking at how we can continue to serve the vulnerable among us and those whom we are supporting overseas. Like everyone else, we need to think out-of-the-box and come up with viable and creative solutions.

There is absolutely no way Habitat can survive this storm without the support of volunteers and donors. More than ever, we need kind souls to come alongside us to help us help others in need. Through the previous storms, we have seen the best side of humanity. I fully expect to see the same through this crisis as well. Thank you for your past support, and I am confident I can count on you to support us ever more strongly in this year and beyond.

May God continue to shower His blessings to you and your loved ones.


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