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Monthly Supporter Spotlight: Pinaki Ray

Volunteer-turned-fundraiser Pinaki Ray had an ambitious goal: He and his wife were going to run 15km every single day of his 15-day fundraising campaign. And all this to help improve living conditions for vulnerable Singaporeans.

Pinaki is no stranger to the work Habitat for Humanity Singapore, volunteering with us both locally and abroad since 2013.

His experiences with decluttering and cleaning homes reminded Pinaki of the urgency to take action now and help vulnerable Singaporeans have a safe and healthy home to seek refuge in during this health crisis.

“The current pandemic has brought so much focus on front line workers, dormitory conditions, foreign workers’ welfare," said Pinaki.

But seeing families staying in a malign and unhygienic state is a pain. It has made me realise that vulnerable people and families might be in more need (now) than before,” he added.

Pinaki decided to walk the talk, literally, when current safety restrictions during the “circuit breaker” and Phase 1 period meant he was unable to help out as a Project HomeWorks volunteer like he was used to.

His fundraising campaign became a whole family effort, with his daughters contributing the first $100 from their piggy bank savings. Pinaki also committed to personally contributing $150 for every $2,500 raised.

To date, his campaign has reached over $6,200 and counting - slightly below the midway-mark of his $15,000 target to serve 15 homeowners. Fundraising campaigns like Pinaki’s have become instrumental in keeping Project HomeWorks sustainable.

Serving each homeowner has become increasingly costly, with each house taking more sessions than average to complete due to our small staff team. If you’re in a position to help, all contributions to Pinaki’s campaign will go towards Project HomeWorks: "15 Days for $15K For Decent Homes"

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