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CNY 2022

Usher in the ROARSOME new year by doing good alongside Habitat for 虎manity Singapore!

虎虎, see what we did there? As we embrace zodiac puns, snap the best 初一/二/三 #OOTD shots and celebrate with our loved ones, let’s not forget our vulnerable elderly homeowners who may be living alone in cluttered and unhygienic rental flats.

We invite you to bless our homeowners with an ang pao this season! Every dollar raised will empower another Singaporean to live in dignity. 


Because every elderly deserves a decent place to live out their golden years in dignity, and every family deserves the opportunity to live well and prosper.

Let us prosper together this Chinese New Year

Help us give more Singaporeans hope for a better year ahead.

Donate now.

Every donation has a big impact.

HTC2021 donate

Chinese New Year Calendar of Events

CNY 2022 campaign giveasia.jpg

Home Town | 17 Jan - 28 Feb

Come ring in the new year by being part of our digital Home Town!

How To Get Started:

  1. Fill up this order form here

  2. Make a donation of $20 via the giveasia campaign page

  3. Follow the attached instructions to assemble it and give it a bit of festive cheer
    Check our step-by-step online video and get creative with paint, markers, stickers, glitter... whatever your heart desires!

  4. Take a photo of it against a plain background and email it to us at
    Don't forget to give it a name and watch as our Spring Town expands in front of your very eyes down below!

  5. Share and encourage
    Share the image of your house coin back to friends and family on your social media profile or WhatsApp and encourage them to donate to our campaign!

    Remind them to give a shoutout in the comments so we know who sent them!

  6. Make giving a part of your life!
    We hope that this coin bank will also be an active reminder to make serving and giving part of your daily routine. We would like to encourage you to consider using the coin bank to regularly save up and donate to any charity.

*Only $20 & above will be counted as a participation donation, and eligible for 250% tax deduction.

This is what our Town looks like now in time for Spring! Help us make it flourish!

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