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What It's All About

Purchase beautiful & authentic Batik pieces for a good cause! 

In support of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia's work in Mauk, Tangerang and Batam, Riau Islands, Alleira Batik is donating 30% of all proceeds for purchases made by Habitat supporters from its Fashion for Hope collection!


Poor water, sanitation and hygiene (also known as WASH) factors in a living environment has been linked to stunting: the impaired growth and development of children. Habitat Indonesia is working in Mauk and Batam to improve household sanitation facilities and access to clean water. We invite you to champion the fight against stunting in children by purchasing a unique, signature Batik piece for your wardrobe.

Talk about making an incredible impact while being fashion forward - don't miss your chance! The campaign will end on 20 Apr 2022.

Who You Will Be Supporting

Stunting is when a child fails to grow to the proper height for his or her age. However, the impact of stunting on a child is not only reduced physical growth, but also lower IQ, lower educational attainment, reduced lifetime earnings and higher risk of chronic disease. 


In Indonesia, stunting affects 1 in 4 children under five years of age, close to 8 million children in total.


Two of the main causes of stunting is diarrhoea and disease of the small intestines, which are directly link to a lack of access to clean water, as well as sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities.


In Indonesia, rural communities and residents in (sub)urban areas struggle in terms of poor infrastructure and health. For many households, water sources are distant, contaminated or expensive, and household sanitation is unaffordable.

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WASH Interventions in Mauk


Around 3,000 homes in Mauk do not have proper toilet facilities and water points. 

Your contribution will support Habitat Indonesia in their 2-pronged intervention to improve WASH conditions in Mauk:

  1. Providing each household with an individual toilet including a septic tank

  2. Installing proper communal water points and washing areas with clean water which will serve 25-30 families each.

WASH Interventions in Batam

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Around 3,000 families in Kabil Village, Batam live in inadequate housing with poor sanitation.

Your contribution will support Habitat Indonesia and Habitat Singapore transform substandard housing in the following ways:

  1. Construction of new safer and more sanitary homes

  2. Critical repairs of walls, roofs and floorings

  3. Installing clean water connections

  4. Installing safe electricity connections

Check out the beautiful Fashion For Hope collection!

Or tune in to the Charity Fashion Show !

See the beautiful designs modelled live at an special event by supporters in Indonesia, including spouses of ambassadors and members of the International Women Club in Jakarta (catwalk starts 44:27).

Catch the livestream on 23 Mar, Weds, 4-6pm SG time 

How do I place an order?

1. Sign up for the campaign at this google form:

As proceeds from Habitat Singapore's donors will be specially used to support both Habitat Indonesia's work in Mauk, and Habitat Singapore's work in Batam, we will require your details to identify which of the donations can be used for the work in Batam. 

If you are sharing the campaign with friends, please share the link to this google form or to Habitat Singapore's campaign page

2. Receive the link to purchase from the collection at the Alleira online store upon successful registration.

3. Place your order directly at the Alleira online store.

4. Share your unique new wardrobe additions on social media!

Caption #FashionForHopeHFHSG and tag @habitatsingapore, @habitat_id & @alleira_batik to let us see you shining in your new clothes!

Want to support the work in Indonesia without making a purchase?

Donate to our Batam Build General Campaign and support the housing work being done in Kabil Village, Batam!

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Thank you for sending love that transcends boundaries

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