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A Brush with Kindness - Meet our House IC Ginnie!

In this final part of our micro-series featuring the inspiring House ICs who volunteered for A Brush with Kindness, meet 46 year old Ginnie who lives and breathes housing - a real estate agent most days, Ginnie also volunteers with us as a Project HomeWorks Champion to give back to people in-need. Come learn more about Ginnie whose friends would describe her with 3 Fs - Friendly, Fun and Fierce (but only at times, ok?!)

Q: Many causes out there. Why Habitat?

I have been involved regularly with Project HomeWorks for the past one year or so as a Champion. A Brush with Kindness is a big event and I would not want to miss it.

Q: What’s your role as a House IC for A Brush with Kindness?

My role as House IC for A Brush with Kindness was to guide the volunteers in removing of peeling paint, painting and decluttering.

Q: How has your experience as a Project HomeWorks Champion been?

The experience as a Champion has been very fulfilling and encouraging. To see the house of the homeowner being transformed significantly is very heartwarming and personally, it is an experience that I would not be going through if I did not make the decision to volunteer regularly as a Champion.

Q: Biggest takeaway as House IC for A Brush with Kindness?

My biggest takeaway was the opportunity to be personally involved, and how I was able to witness the house being transformed into a cleaner and safer environment to stay.

Q: Any interesting stories to share with us during your session?

Oh yes. Interesting story is initially I was only assigned to one volunteer. With the amount of work to be done, it was very challenging. Subsequently it was very heartwarming to see other volunteers who had completed their own houses helping us. As a result, we managed to complete about 80% of the work that needed to be done in just 1.5 hours!

Q: Any insights you would want to share?

I am very grateful to be involved in such a big event. To me, being a volunteer is about contributing some of my own time to help people in-need. I learned to be more patient and understanding of the elderly and the needs of the under-privileged. Such experiences bring fun and joy into my life.


The act of helping someone in-need grows the seed of contentment and fulfilment in one's heart. Ginnie and her volunteering journey is testament to this timeless truth.

If you would like to join Ginnie in supporting the Habitat cause and be the reason why someone in-need can have a refreshed home to live in, we invite you to be our monthly donor and power Project HomeWorks and other programmes here at !

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