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Building Youths, Building Homes For A Brighter Future

Eh, what are your plans for later?” As with many young individuals, the usual response we hear is “Study lor”. However, these four undergraduates (our Project Homerun leaders) prove that their futures aren't solely shaped by grades, but by their quest for lifelong learning and serving the community. In this exclusive interview, they share their firsthand experiences with Project Homerun, revealing how it has empowered them to cultivate a life beyond grades.

Q: Why did you decide to join Project Homerun and why the decision to lead the chapter?

P: My personal reason for going through with Project Homerun is the ability to witness the effects of my efforts first hand. Project Homerun and Project HomeWorks in general allows me to identify and serve families and individuals who can easily go under the radar, living in a small flat in a mass of HDBs, and it allows me to make a tangible difference in the way they live their daily life. It is this combination of tangible effect and serving families overlooked by society at large that really convinced me to take up this appointment.

YX: ​​As a homebody myself, I really appreciate the comfort of home. I think having a safe, hygienic and dignified environment is extremely important for everyone, so when the opportunity came to join and lead Project Homerun, I had to take it up! It gave us the opportunity to be the change we wanted to see in the community to uplift the homeowners, a mission that I find very purposeful.

Q: What were the challenges you faced while leading Project Homerun?

J: Personally, I initially found it quite hard to juggle between school work, Project Homerun, and other co-curricular activities. Sometimes things get a little busy, especially during exam season, so we usually try to plan our activities during less busy periods. Of course, having a team that I can rely on helps a lot!

YX: When we first took over from our seniors, we struggled as the 3 of us came in with little to no experience, so we had to start from square one. We had to learn the technical skills needed as a Project HomeWorks Champion, as well as the workings of a chapter, which was initially quite overwhelming. Fortunately, there was immense support provided by our seniors, Habitat Singapore staff, fellow volunteers and of course each other in Project Homerun!

Q: What was the biggest achievement so far?

J: We recently concluded a bake sale fundraiser where we managed to raise about $500. It was very tiring but we were encouraged by the support given! If you would like to donate, check out our page!

Q: Any lessons to share?

YX: Trust yourself and trust the people around you! Leading a chapter and Project HomeWorks sessions can be daunting, but knowing that there are dependable volunteers walking this path with me reassures me and gives me confidence to keep leading and serving.

J: Get out of your comfort zone! Joining Homerun allowed me to have a series of firsts: my first bake sale, first time volunteering together with university friends, and first time killing a bedbug live! There's more coming so stay tuned and join us for our upcoming events!

P: Your capacity for challenges is actually so much higher than you know. You may think that you would never be able to step foot in some of the Homeowners’ houses, but once you get in and get in that mindset to fix the problem, you would be surprised as to how much impact you can have in a very short time.


This interview captures the transformative power of community service, not only on those in need but also on the individuals serving. It highlights the immense potential of youths to grow and develop through the act of giving, transcending the confines of traditional academic success. Beyond immediate assistance, these youths leave a lasting legacy of compassion and empowerment within themselves and the communities they serve.

If you would like to contribute to Project Homerun’s mission, we invite you to support the cause by making a donation at our page! Every contribution, big or small, can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those being served.

Furthermore, if you are inspired to make a difference on your own campus, we encourage you to consider starting a Campus Chapter in your school. To explore this opportunity and learn how we can collaborate with you and your school, please reach out to us at


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